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St. Rita Catholic School

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School Health Policies

School Health Policies
Clinic Policy
Please be sure to keep us updated on any changes on information on your child’s emergency form. Parents had the opportunity to update all medical information during Re-Enrollment in January.  Parents are able to log into their RenWeb account, in order to see what current information the school has on file for their student.  If there are any medical changes to report at any time, please contact Charlene Silverstein at csilverstein@strita.net

Please take a few minutes to review the school health regulations.
  • Parents, please call the school nurse at 972-239-2906 before 9:00 a.m. to report absences or tardies, including tardies for dental and doctor appointments.
  • In order to receive an excused tardy, a note from the doctor or dentist must be presented to the nurse when your child is checking in.
  • Students must have a note explaining any absence and will present it to the school nurse to be re-admitted to class.
  • Students will be re-admitted to class 24 hours after fever, vomiting or other symptoms have subsided, no sooner.
  • Please report all communicable diseases, including strep throat, chicken pox, pink eye, and skin diseases.
  • Please inform the nurse in writing of any changes in your work or home phone number or if you will not be at your usual number during school hours. All physical education excuses will be evaluated by the nurse. Only a physician’s note officially excuses a student from required P.E.classes. Parents’ request for a child to be excused must state the exact nature of the child’s problem. The nurse will call parents if clarification is needed.
Diocese of Dallas School Health Program Regulations
“Medication of any kind which includes aspirin, similar preparation, or any other drug may not be given except as provided below:
When a physician prescribes medication that must be given during the school day, the parent should be instructed that such medication can be administered only when brought to the school in the pharmacist’s container, labeled with the student’s name, date, prescription number, prescribed number,prescribed dosage and physician’s name.”
Medication must be delivered and picked up by the parents!
Medication forms may be picked up from the clinic or are available for download below. Medication forms must be in the clinic before medication can be administered.
  • Note: It is the student’s responsibility to inform school personnel when it is time for his/her medication.
  • Any unused medication shall be destroyed one week after the dosage if not picked up directly by the parent.
  • Parent is responsible for advising the school of any change in the above.
  • No child may carry medication to and from school or in the classroom.

MRSA Policies
Policy for PE
No sweatshirts, sweaters worn to PE unless the PE teachers send the teacher an e-mail requesting they wear them that day.
5th - 8th grade students will use hand sanitizer as they leave their locker rooms.
K - 4th grade students will use the hand sanitizer as they return to their classrooms.
Sanitizer dispensers are to be kept full. Refills are in the clinic.

Policy for Athletics
All athletic equipment must be cleaned once weekly.
Helmets, face masks, pads, mouth guards. This could be done using antibacterial wipes. This should be supervised by the coach for the sport, perhaps at the end of a practice each week.
Uniforms should go home once weekly and washed in hot water.
No sharing of personal items.
Hand sanitizer should be available at practice and games to be used as needed and also at the end of each practice or game.
All open injuries should be cleaned and covered with a band-aid.
We request that parents notify the St. Rita Athletic Director and school nurse if their student is diagnosed with a staph or MRSA infection.
Thank you for your attention.
Charlene Silverstein, RN
School Nurse
(972) 239-2906