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St. Patrick Academic Fair and P.S.I.A. 2019

We are excited to join St. Patrick for their annual Academic Fair this school year.  The contest will be held in the spring of 2019.  There are seven events that our students will have the opportunity to sign up in their homeroom. Take time to review the general guidelines and events offered for each grade. Each event allows for four students from each grade level to compete with the exception of prose interpretation.  In the prose interpretation event, three students in each grade level are allowed to compete. 
PSIA is another Academic Fair we join after St. Patricks.  See newsletter and links for information about the different events per grade. Titled: PSIA selection



Volunteers are the most important people to any event.  If you have ever been involved with the competition, you know that it requires volunteers.  There are various ways you as a parent can take part.  We are looking for, encouraging and begging for your expertise in one of the following manner:


TO BE A COACH in any of the seven events. You can set up your practices in any way. You can have as many as seven to eight sessions.  I have a lot of study/practice test materials!- Even more events for PSIA!  Please contact one of us if you're interested.

  • Spelling 1-8
  • Prose Interpretation 1-8
  • On-site drawing 1-8
  • Math 1-8
  • Mental Math 3-8
  • Geography 3-8
  • Algebra (8th Grade Only)


Everyone is needed!  Please, if you have never volunteered for an extra-curricular activity, this is the time to sign up.  Let’s make this a very successful endeavor for our students! 


Thank you,

Kim Robbs - Teacher 

Kim Betz and Karen Wade- Parents Club Leaders