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Our Frequently Asked Questions document was updated on August 3, 2020. 
The full Return to School Plan was updated on August 4, 2020
and can be found HERE.   

 Entire School Updates

This year, St. Rita’s administration is organized in a Dean model. This model will enable more support than ever for our students and staff. Given COVID, there could not be a better time for it. CLICK HERE.

Please see here for a list of new staff members and those who are taking on different roles during this year as a result of COVID. 

Monday through Friday from 7:45 am - 2:50 pm.

St. Rita will begin the 2020-2021 school year on Wednesday, September 2nd.

As recommended by the Diocese of Dallas, the first few weeks will see a staggered re-opening to ease the transition.








September 2nd  

 4th-8th Only


September 3rd  

 PK-3rd Only


September 4th 



September 7th  


Closed (Labor Day) 

September 8th 



All Students from this point forward.

Extended Day Begins

September 9th  



September 10th 



September 11th 



September 14th 



September 15th  



September 16th  



September 17th  



September 18th  




More information will follow with details for these dates, as well as on the start for our Half-Day PK4 program.


During the week of August 24th, we will schedule appointments to welcome students and parents back to campus to meet the teacher and receive books and devices. More specific details will follow.
Due to our delayed start, there will be changes to our calendar, including the possibility of virtual learning on some days of Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. We may also be required to extend the school year into June. Once we receive final guidelines from the Diocese, we will release the updated calendar.
Those families who choose in-person learning on campus will be required to fill out a waiver. This waiver will be signed electronically through the new Magnus App. The language for the waiver may be found on page 9 of the updated Return to School Plan.

The advisory program at St. Rita is designed as a proactive system of support for students to help them develop academically, socially and emotionally. Students meet each morning with their advisor (middle school) or homeroom teacher (lower school) to check in on well-being and prepare for the day. As an extension of our previous focus circle program, advisory will be where much of our social and emotional learning and discussion of virtue will begin. Your child’s advisor or homeroom teacher will be not only their mentor, but also advocate at school and communicate with parents and other teachers about student needs.

The particular challenges of living through a global pandemic make it even more important to give students a daily opportunity to communicate their social and emotional needs within the framework of virtue. St. Rita recognizes that this focus on relationships and well being allows all students to begin their day ready to learn.


The IT Department will be implementing ClassLink software this Fall.  ClassLink is a single sign-on software that integrates with RenWeb to allow access to St. Rita educational software with a single password. This will make software navigation easier, faster, and increase learning time for our students.

  • Administration Saves Time and Money

Schools save valuable time and resources by effortlessly creating and tracking custom student forms on one online platform.

  • Nurses Deliver Better Student Care

Nurses easily manage medications, track immunizations, add treatment notes, and access student health information online or via their mobile device.

  • Coaches and Athletic Trainers Manage Athlete Health

Treatment and injury notes can be accessed real-time online or via the Magnus mobile app, helping athletic staff to care for student-athletes.

  • Parents Submit Forms Online

Simple online form submission ensures higher compliance for schools, while automated email reminders keep parents up-to-date on approaching deadlines.

  • IT Can Seamlessly Integrate

The Magnus solution is set to seamlessly integrate with your current SIS system, and your student and parent information automatically syncs with Magnus.

  • Teachers and Chaperones Get Emergency Access

Authorized staff can quickly access vital health information on a secure mobile app in case of an emergency in the classroom, on a field trip, and during a sporting event.


BehaviorFlip, a restorative behavior management system, will be utilized by St. Rita School this year.  It is a program that helps build a culture of empathy and responsibility by effectively tracking and managing student behaviors.  BehaviorFlip provides high quality social-emotional data to create student snapshots for administrators, instructors, families and students.  Teachers gain the ability to make student referrals for academic, behavioral, and social/emotional concerns.  They can document positive and negative behaviors and receive ideas for intervention strategies.  Students can anonymously report bullying.  School leaders gain insight into the culture of their school by observing student, class-wide, and grade-level trends in order to make data-based decisions.  BehaviorFlip as a tool aligns with St. Rita School’s social-emotional curriculum and Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline practices.  

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