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Progression Through Grades

Progress through the grades is a matter of achievement in basic skills, maturation, and social, civic and emotional development.  Most students move through the curriculum at a pace of one grade per year.  However, a child may experience difficulty mastering the academic phases of the school program, and will profit more from school if retained one grade.  Special consultation with the parents is arranged to address any such difficulty and to propose solutions.  The decision to retain a student is made following a comprehensive overview of the student’s performance.  Parents must be made aware of the possibility of retention no later than March 31 of the current school year. This does not apply to middle school students whose retention or promotion would depend on passing a subject or subjects in the last quarter of the year. The final decision regarding a student’s promotion or class placement rests with the school.  In accordance with diocesan policy, retention of a student for more than one year is avoided, if at all possible, especially beyond the third grade.