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Fees & Forms

Fees Range and What They Cover
The athletic budget at St. Rita is self-supporting; that is to say it must pay for itself. In order to do that, athletics must raise a certain amount of revenue. The main avenue for raising that money is through our sports fees. The DPL charges each school an assessment for administration of the DPL office and its employees, as well as a certain amount to enter each team in the league in its respective sport. These fees cover the costs of administering the league games, official payments, etc. 
At St. Rita, uniforms and practice equipment are provided for our athletes in each of the sports. Those, of course, need to be replaced and/or repaired over the course of the years. To meet these costs, a reasonable fee is charged per sport ranging from $95 for football, to $30 for swimming. If a child is not financially able to pay a particular sports fee, there is help available. No child will be kept from playing for financial reasons.
Fees are collected at the beginning of each season, usually before the uniforms are issued. All uniforms need to be returned at the end of each season clean and in good condition. Failure to return a uniform will result in a hold placed on a student's report card.
Athletics Fees
Football             $95.00
Flag Football     TBD
Volleyball           $80.00
Cross Country   $60.00
Basketball         $95.00
Track                 $70.00
Softball              $90.00
Baseball            $95.00
Soccer               $55.00
Swimming         $30.00