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Instructional Support Specialists » Dr. Mindle's ISEE Prep

Dr. Mindle's ISEE Prep

Dr. Grant Mindle, a former Math teacher at St. Rita, created this ISEE Prep course in the summer of 2020 for use by St. Rita students.To use his video tutorials effectively, you need to begin by downloading the ISEE Practice Guide HERE.



Students are encouraged to read the practice questions and the advice in the guide before looking at the sample ISEE in the PDF.  You should find the advice about the math questions helpful.


I have prepared videos (see links in the document attached below) to help you understand how to approach the sentence completion and reading comprehension questions.  In both cases, these are the first two video links under sentence completion and reading comprehension.  I recommend that you listen to these four videos before taking the corresponding tests.  The questions I have discussed in these four videos can be found in your ISEE Practice Guide PDF.


Sentence Completion, ISEE Practice Guide, PDF, p. 25.


Reading Comprehension, ISEE Practice Guide, PDF, pp. 40-41.


Every student should begin their preparation for the ISEE exam with a baseline.  I recommend that each student take the Practice ISEE, after they have listened to the four videos cited above, but before they listen to the videos I created discussing each of the questions on each of the sections of the ISEE.  Use the scoring guide in the PDF to determine how you fared on the test.  Then go back and listen to the videos I prepared to ensure you understand how to approach each of these questions and to reinforce the advice given on the sentence completion and reading comprehension introductory videos.


Unfortunately, the ISEE has not released multiple tests.  So additional practice requires using an ISEE test book prepared by someone else.  These books can be found online and at local bookstores if more practice is in order.


THIS LINK will take to you a place where you can find free ISEE like questions to download and books to purchase.  But do note that the organizations that write ISEE like questions do not do as good a job of replicating the reading comprehension questions.


Good luck to one and all!


Grant Mindle