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Mrs. Gorman's P.E. Classes 5th - 8th grades

Welcome to Mrs. Gorman's P.E. Classes
5th through 8th grade
Fitness Testing
Floor Hockey
Team Handball
Fun Games

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Grading Policy

Everyone starts with a grade of 100! Where you end up depends on your cooperation and participation. Students will never receive a lower grade for being unable to do a particular exercise or skill. Grades are based on:
  • effort
  • cooperation
  • being prepared for activity; including shoes tied securely and hair pulled back
  • following the rules of the class
  • being an active and attentive participant in the class
  • grades may be affect by being unprepared to participate
  Follow the Spartan Way and you will do well in P.E. and LIFE!


You have received an "I OWE YOU" in P.E. class today. How sad! Please open the I OWE YOU pdf and follow the instructions to erase that nasty zero grade you earned today. Remember, your I OWE YOU needs to be personally turned in to me at the start of your next P.E. class to get credit for what is sure to be a spectacular apology note. Candy and flowers are not required, just a sincere abrupt change of attitude working toward cooperation, respect and more fun. Remember the Spartan Way!


All 5-8 grade students should practice perfect push ups when they wake up in the morning!
Teach your family how to do the "Dead Bug" and the "Pointer".