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Resources to support students in response to COVID-19 and school changes

Children and adults are alike in their feelings of uncertainty as we hear more about COVID-19 and the changes that are taking place in how we our living in our day to day lives.
This uncertainty can lead to excessive worry. While we cannot change what is happening in the world around us, we are able to find ways to manage our own stress as well as help our children manage their worries.
First of all, take care of those basic needs - this seems like common sense, but get enough sleep, eat food that is good for you, drink enough water, and breathe...
I will be posting resources and ideas below to help parents as well as children. Thank you to Counselor Keri who has amended her media policy and allowing for digital sharing of her resources while students are not in school.
If you are looking for a way to add movement and fun to the day, try out GoNoodle - the parent invite is below.
Looking for guidance on helping your child tolerate wearing a mask? This behavior therapist has some great suggestions :