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Mrs. Jodi Sheffield » 8th Grade at a Glance

8th Grade at a Glance

What will we do in 8th grade science?
Use the metric system. Convert standard to metric. Perform evaluation of metric data gathered.
Identify and apply the sciences of physical science. Correctly apply data display techniques.
Describe the structure of earth's atmosphere. Study meteorology. Explain the change of seasons.
Apply basics of chemistry from atomic structure to chemical reactions.
Describe the properties of matter including individual properties and transitions in form.
Describe types of motion and use graphs to show the motion of an object with position,
direction, and speed.
Describe how energy is a property of substances that is associated with heat, light, solar radiation, electricity, mechanical motion, sound, and chemical substances
Describe how energy provides the ability to do work and can exist in many forms.
Explain the factors that affect the gravitational forces on objects and use classic experiments to demonstrate gravitational or electromagnetic forces
Define the laws of motion. Describe rocket propulsion.