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Aver Interactive Panel

I just LOVE the new Interactive Panels. No need to calibrate. No projector bulb to worry about which includes no dimming. You pretty much just plug your laptop into the two cables (HDMI and USB) and it works! But, these boards do so much more than just "work."
Info on Interactive Panels 
Our first goal will be to become familiar with our interactive panels. Many will learn how they can use a student iPad to mirror to our panels (which SHOWS the iPad screen on the panel). 
(At the end of the video the WiFi set up is discussed. Your board will already be set to an SRS WiFi. Our Aver Document Cameras will be plugged directly into the board at this time.)
Another video with specifics on our Panel: 
Later, when we begin using Chromebooks with our older students, we can even mirror the screen of a Chromebook. 
Once we have a better understanding of the interactive panels, we will work on our Pedagogy with Interactive Panels in an engaging classroom. This topic will bring us to Oktopus software.
Oktopus is a powerful interactive software designed especially for being used together with AVer CP Series IFPs (Interactive Flat Panels). It not only provides students with creative, collaborative, and attractive learning experiences, but also is able to simultaneously show contents on students’ devices to let them more involve in learning. Learning tools such as taking notes, answering questions, and sharing annotations make teaching and learning more interactive and interesting.
Getting Started:
user manual and how to videos -
RECEIVE your product key from Leanne Knight
ScreenShare information (see page 8-9 for iPad screen sharing)
Specific contents you might appreciate:
ADOBE page number (of manual) and topic being explained
27-28     Power on/off
29-30     Main screen
31-36     Toolbar
37-45     Cloud Storage (AKA: saving to Google Drive or OneDrive)
46-69     White Board
  • Tutorial
  • Note Format
  • Import PDF
  • Save the PDF file to Google Drive/OneDrive
  • Change Name of the Note
  • In-depth on using the Whiteboard
70-76     Gallery
77         Snapshot (AKA screen capture, print screen)
78        Using Browser
104-105   Troubleshooting
Important pages from Manual