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Advisory Council

Advisory Council
The St. Rita Advisory Council serves to assist the Principal and Pastor in carrying out the mission and strategic plan of St. Rita School. Members serve a three year term.  The Advisory Council will meet in Building 1, Board Room D-249 on the 3rd Wednesday of each month during the school year beginning at 6:30 p.m. Please see the school calendar for a list of meeting dates. The meetings are open to all parish and school families, and the Council will reserve time for questions from guests. If you wish to address the Council as part of the regular agenda, please see the procedures set forth in the School Handbook for Students and Parents.
President: Caroline Gagliardi 

1st Year Members - Tim Lyons, Jennifer Morrison

2nd Year Members – Mary Fent, Harold Kamara, Luke Lechler, Jane Tustin

3rd Year Members – Caroline Gagliardi, Alicia Nero, Jose Torrealba


The role of the Advisory Council is to represent the parents of our students by recommending strategies, policies, and budgetary resources to the pastor, to advise and support the principal/school in executing the policies and strategies, and to communicate with our school community in a way that is inspiring and encouraging. 


The Advisory Council exists to ensure that our school has the resources and direction to equip our students to excel academically, socially, spiritually and intellectually in today’s world.


Contact:  Caroline Gagliardi (