History, Mission & Vision

St. Rita Catholic School is a Catholic, co-educational day school for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school was established in 1964 by the Jesuits in conjunction with the formation of St. Rita Catholic Church. The school was staffed by the Bernardine Sisters of the Order of St. Francis for over 25 years. Lay professionals continue the work of the Bernardines today. All teachers are chosen for their competency and dedication. The Jesuits served the school since its inception through their ministry at St. Rita Catholic Church until 2003. St. Rita Catholic Community is now staffed by diocesan priests. Since 1964 the school has undergone seven major expansions.

Today the school utilizes more than 76,500 square feet of classroom space, offices, science and computer labs, library, art room, gymnasium, locker rooms and a dining hall. The success of St. Rita Catholic School is due in large part to the partnership that exists between the school and the parish. The school is also blessed with faculty members, staff, administration and parents committed to ensuring the spiritual and academic growth of its students. Such commitment is evidenced by the number of former Spartans who now choose to educate their own children at St. Rita Catholic School.
Worship, Learn, Serve

St. Rita Catholic School empowers students to reach their potential as learners and servant leaders through faith, hope, love, and the joyful pursuit of knowledge.

At St. Rita Catholic School we...
  • Lead all to Christ through a Catholic education.
  • Foster a safe, Christ-centered environment based on kindness, compassion, gentleness, humility, and thankfulness.
  • Partner with parents, the parish, and the community.
  • Believe children deserve the opportunity to learn to their full potential.
  • Work toward progress always seeking opportunities to grow.

St. Rita Catholic School will be centered in Christ and committed to academic excellence, guiding students to be critical thinkers, integrating faith, truth, and service for the sake of a more just and humane world.