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Personal Experiences


What parents and students say about St. Rita Catholic School:


“I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, I feel so beyond blessed and lucky as an SRS parent.”       

                                                Parent of SRS Graduate and current SRS student


"Carrying the banner was actually pretty special. When I walked in, I was on the side near the wall. I walked past most of the teachers that taught me while I've been at St. Rita. Seeing their faces go by me while I was carrying that banner meant a lot to me. I've grown up here. It was really cool."

  St. Rita Graduate

“I know that all of my kids have benefited from their Catholic education and the strength of the academic programs.... We are confident that our kids are all prepared to tackle whatever lies in their future with the foundation set by their St. Rita experience.

 -Parent of SRS Graduate

"My daughter is an 8th grade upcoming graduate this year and her St. Rita experience has been stellar as well. She has thrived, grown, and become a lovely compassionate young lady. I could not be happier. To have the blessings of my second child, experiencing the same wealth of love, education, and fellowship...well....gosh...I'm elated and humbled."

--Parent of SRS Graduate and current 4th grade student

"Words are inadequate to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, St Rita catholic School and St Rita Catholic community for your love, support and generosity to my family.
Although we had a brief stay in the school, the practical lessons of life and discipleship my family and I learnt from the school, the choir and the entire catholic community will forever guide our lives."

-a grateful parent of a St. Rita student




"The girls have made life-long friends and learned a great deal- both academically and spiritually.

-parent of former St Rita Students  



"I cannot think of a safer place or a more supportive community to encourage children's' growth. It has been an excellent and enriching experience for the wide variety of personalities and interests in our family."

-from a long time St. Rita School family (20+ years)


"We are very pleased with the education they received at St. Rita and the Catholic Christian environment in which they were taught.... We are grateful for what you and your staff have done in helping prepare our kids for the future."

-parents of two recent St. Rita School graduates


"We have enjoyed all interactions at SRS thus far and look forward to more in the future."

-parents of a new St. Rita School student




"As long time parishioners, we love the strong sense of community throughout the church and can see the overlap of this community throughout the school. The engagement of the children both academically and socially was very visible through the tour of each of the classrooms during their regular school day."

-St. Rita parishioners and prospective parents


St. Rita has been wonderful for the girls!  We are blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful community!                                                 

                                                             - Former St. Rita Parent