Our Catholic Identity & Stewardship

Catholic Identity
At St. Rita Catholic School, our faith is evident throughout our school. We strive to incorporate our faith throughout our curriculum. Our students' faith lives include:
  • Mass every Friday.
  • Grade level Masses once a month on Wednesdays.
  • Full, daily religion curriculum for pre-K through 8th grade, including Sacramental preparation in 2nd & 8th.
  • Reconciliation is offered before Christmas and Easter.
  • Student choir participants and student musicians share their talents at school Mass on Fridays.
  • Living Stations of the Cross is performed by Kindergarten through 4th grades for the school community as prayerful Lenten preparation.
  • Prayer Buddies - 6th graders are paired with Kindergartners to provide prayer partners and support and guidance during Mass. Prayer Buddies continue to pray for one another and attend Mass together for the next two years.

We are called by God to serve others and care for our Earth. At St. Rita School, our students regularly participate in fund-raising events for our sister school and events to raise awareness while learning the joy and satisfaction in the service of others.  We also continue to focus on eliminating the excess use of paper as well as on increasing opportunities to recycle. We encourage reuse of materials and resource sharing between the classes. One very successful aspect of the St. Rita Goes Green initiative is our lunchtime recycling. Since 2009, St. Rita School has used recycling containers for our lunch room. The children are able to recycle plastic and aluminum items from their lunches. We also encourage children to use reusable utensils, containers, and cloth napkins in their lunches.