Admissions Process

Admissions Priority:
All applications will be considered based on the following priority: 
Please note that the student must be "Grade Level Ready" in order to attend school at St Rita.
  • Priority #1: Siblings of currently enrolled school families.  
  • Priority #2: St. Rita parishioners
  • Priority #3: Catholics, members of other Catholic parishes 
  • Priority #4: Non-Catholics applicants
  • Priority #5: Late applicants
Completed Admission Application Criteria:
  1. Application submitted 
  2. Support documents submitted 
  3. Copy of birth certificate submitted
  4. Copy of Baptismal certificate (if Catholic) submitted
  5. Immunization records submitted
  6. School records (including confidential teacher evaluation) submitted
  7. Supporting accommodation documentation (if applicable) submitted
How to Apply:
  1. Complete and submit the application ($125 application fee) - DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION 1/31/2024
  2. Schedule the Placement/Readiness Assessment - DEADLINE 3/1/2024 - Applicants applying for grades 2-8 will also register for a Shadow Day while taking the placement assessment
  3. Schedule the Family Interview - DEADLINE 3/1/2024
Admissions Assessments:
  • All  PK and Kinder applicants will be subject to taking the PK/K Readiness Assessment
  • Students applying for 1st to 8th Grade will take St. Rita's in-house placement assessment. The in-house assessment is the Renaissance 360 (STAR) test. Recent scores from other schools for this assessment will be accepted.
      • Placement assessments are required for grades 1-8. However, we believe that these assessments are only one measure of an applicant's potential future success. We also consider how well applicants build relationships and work with other students; how they integrate themselves into the classroom; family alignment with the school's mission; and social skills, including respect, maturity, responsibility and self-confidence.