Have you participated in the Annual Gift Campaign yet?  We need EVERYONE to participate!  See the details below.                                    Looking for information on the Spartan Store?  View "In the Spotlight" below.

St. Rita Catholic School

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Annual Gift Campaign


Tuition revenues alone do not cover the full costs of educating our students. Therefore, the school depends on annual contributions from our school families and other supporters during our Annual Gift Campaign to off-set this difference.  Our goal is to raise a minimum of $200,000 and have 100% participation from our school families.  As added motivation for our families, a group of anonymous donors will contribute an additional $20,000 if we reach at least 98% participation and $200,000 by the end of our campaign on September 30. (Donations are accepted to the annual fund year round.) 


Help us reach our goal by choosing an option below.


For additional information, contact Amy Mentgen, Communications Assistant, at 972-239-3203 x6508 or by e-mail (amentgen@stritaparish.net)

Congratulations to Mrs. Yeskie's class on joining the homerooms below by hitting 100% participation!!  Pizza Party here we come!!





We also have 7 homerooms with over 85% participation--you can make it!


We are getting closer to our goal with a week and a half left in the campaign!! We have reached 76% overall participation from our families and have donations and pledges totaling just over $155,000We need the rest of the families to participate to help us get an extra $20,000 for the school.  Please give generously so we can reach our goal!  Thank you to those who have already participated!  Help your students' homeroom join the pizza party--by choosing one of the options below!! 

The video below explains the campaign in more detail.


We will kick-off our 2018 Annual Gift Campaign in conjunction with kicking off a new school year. It will begin on August 20 and it will continue until September 30. The campaign is sponsored by the St. Rita Advisory Council.


“Participation” is defined as:  (1) making a financial pledge online with payment now or in the future or (2) making an online pledge agreeing to pray for our school each day.  Since this campaign’s mission is to raise funds for our school, prayerful consideration and commitment of a monetary pledge is preferred.

The offsetting of the difference in tuition and the actual cost of educating a St. Rita student is called “Bridging the Gap” so you will also hear this campaign referred to as the "GAP Campaign." The actual estimated cost to educate a St. Rita student for the 2018-19 school year is $11,002.  If you are able to completely "Bridge your Gap", please do so.  If not, a suggested minimum donation is $325 per student. 

All homeroom classes that reach 100% participation by September 30 will receive a pizza party! 
Those contributing $1,000 or more will also be invited to the Donor Appreciation Dinner in the fall of 2019.









Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Which payment methods are accepted?

A: Contributions from checking accounts, savings accounts, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) are all accepted.


Q: Do donors receive receipts for their donations?

A: Yes, you will receive receipts via e-mail when a donation is made.  Please keep this receipt for your tax records.


Q: Is "WeShare" (the online giving platform) safe?

A: Yes. WeShare implements the safest security standards for online transactions and your privacy is protected at all times. WeShare is certified with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) as a Level 1 Service Provider.