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Mrs. Jodi Sheffield » Mrs. Sheffield - SCIENCE RULES!!

Mrs. Sheffield - SCIENCE RULES!!

Welcome to 7th and 8th grade science. Get ready to hang on for an exciting ride!!
A person cannot be given a greater charge than to positively influence the life of a child. As a Catholic educator, I am afforded the opportunities to share the extraordinary discipline of science from the vantage of justly glorifying our Creator! Not only are we allowed to present the facts, we are also able to present the human interest side of natural events AND pray for divine intervention for folks negatively affected. Empowering my students to recognize the magnificence of our creator in daily lessons is beyond rewarding!! As we explore the functions of life science on the molecular level or observe how the rotation of the earth determines how the wind blows...watching the children’s eyes light up truly in amazement is an incredible reward…actually a blessing!
According to Pope John Paul II “…each scientist grows as a human being and helps others to do likewise” truly living the Gospel message.