The school office is closed for the month of July but the mailbox, voice mail and emails will be checked periodically so contact us via one of those means, if you need to reach us!  The office will re-open Monday, August 3.  Happy Summer!  Stay safe and healthy!  

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Getting Started Guides 

Introduce Seesaw to Students


 Activity Library

  • Includes templates for ELA, Short Stories, Grammar, Fluency, Math, Math sentence frame, Base ten, Daily Calendar, Seasonal, Mystery, Social Studies, Science, Music, Puppet Pals, End of Year. Also includes some assessments for sight words, math, Spanish 
  • access presentation to quickly view all that was create by this educator
  • on the "left" of each slide there will be a text box link which will create that graphic organizer into a Seesaw activity for you


Reference for Action Teams, PLC, and self paced learning.
Presentation from 8/15/18-literacy (Part 1) Task Cards from Presentation on 8/15/2018
Presentation Part 2: going more in-depth (includes examples for math, science, reading)
Presentation part 3

Differentiated Resources

"PD in Your PJ's" Real Time Professional Development
FYI: My Pinterest Board for Seesaw 
Includes Recording Booth ideas, activity ideas, examples, resources
Official Seesaw Twitter: Great resources that Seesaw shares from teachers with up to date resources


Help for Family Members

Seesaw activities to use with Digital Citizenship

  • If you like an activity you will click the save button which will save the activity under your teacher account in activities.
  • When you are ready for students to see the activity
    • go to your logged in Seesaw class (as the teacher-not as a student)
    • big green circle with plus sign-Browse activity library
    • since you have saved the activity it will be under the heading "My Activities."
    • Find the activity you are wanting to assign and click green SHARE button
    • on pop up box, choose your class
    • click green button "share with 1 class."
  • Now your students can go to Seesaw
    • Activities tab
    • green rectangular "add" button
    • complete activity (green arrow when complete)
    • choose their name (click the green arrow)
    • Reminder: Don't forget to click the green arrows.... 

Created Activities to support Digital Citizenship lessons

Our lessons are broken up into Media Balance & Well-Being, Privacy & Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, and Cyberbullying & Digital Drama