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Learning Ally

The Learning Ally Program enables schools to support their struggling readers and build a strong foundation for independent, engaged learners who are empowered to achieve socially, emotionally and academically, regardless of their learning difference. 
This page is for students and their families who have received a username and password for this program. If you believe your child has a diagnosis that would benefit from this program, please contact Marjory Lane in Instructional Services ( 
A bit of background knowledge before delving into the "how to's" and specifics of Learning Ally. 
  • The log in you received for Learning Ally works for the website and LINK 
    • Since you will be using a website, your technology will need access to the internet.
  • On an internet browser, you will go to the Learning Ally website, log in, and load books to read.
    • You can READ the books on a computer IF you load the Learning Ally LINK software to your computer.
    • OR, you can read the books from a mobile device IF you load the Learning Ally Link App.
  • Now that the book is loaded on your account (step above) using a computer, that book will be available to read on LINK(on computer or mobile device application). It's important to note that the mobile device will need to be able to utilize a wireless network (access internet). The book will load over the internet to the device's app.
    • So, if I have an iPad, I can use the Learning Ally Link app (first time you will have to download that app from app store).
    • From that app, I would log in with my username and password.
    • The book I added while on the Learning Ally web-page, can now load onto my Learning Ally LINK App.
      • If I loaded a book on my account from school, then that book has already been loaded via the website. The book will automatically load on my logged in LINK app via my mobile device.
    • On the other hand, if I wanted to read the book I just loaded on the website, I would not be able to. I can't just read it from the internet. I must use the LINK software that I load to my computer or mobile device to read books.
What mobile devices can I use to read books from my bookshelf on Learning Ally? 
  • iPad (using Learning Ally App)
  • Android  (using Learning Ally App)
  • DAISY digital talking books
  • Nook Tablet: may or may not work-not recommended but you can try (Android-Google Play: Learning Ally App)
  • (not compatible with Nook e-reader, Kindle e-reader, or Fire tablet)
Steps to adding a new book
  • From Computer you can go to Learning Ally Website, log in.
  • Browse Books to look through the lists OR Type in the search box to find a specific book
  • Find the book you want
  • Click "Add to Bookshelf" button
  • Click "My Bookshelf" 
Your bookshelf should now be populated with your new books
You can now log into your Link (computer or mobile device app) for the book to load on your device. 
To READ the books you load, you will need LINK:
(If you encounter problems with one of the software downloads please visit: or contact Learning Ally Support)
Are you encountering problems with Learning Ally or Link?